Service & Care

Our experienced team of jewellers in Colchester are here to make sure that your purchase is looked after with an expert eye. With a skilful and qualified watchmaker and a fully-equipped workshop, Upchurch Jewellers are able to offer a wide range of servicing and after care support in-house. From a simple battery change to caring for complex mechanical movements, Upchurch Jewellers can service and repair a diverse range of watches and brands. Do call us or pop in-store to see how we can help your timepiece to keep accurately measuring the sands of time.

We recognise that sometimes even the most beautifully crafted jewellery needs some additional help to keep its brilliance and sparkle, which is why we offer jewellery repairs and restoration. Whether it’s a cherished jewel or an everyday object you can’t bear to be without, our experienced staff are happy to advise you on our repairs, re-sizing and cleaning and polishing services.  

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